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Personality Testing

Different from Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, tempermant testing determines God’s original design for your life. Which often will help answer the question …”how did I get here!”

Crises Counseling

Something happening now ! – We can help talk you through it.

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Stupid Little Stuff

By now, you all know that I enjoy entering the Land of Other People’s Writings. Today I stumbled across one that really hits the nail on the head. Why do couples fight so much over “stupid little stuff?” News flash … it’s not the stuff you’re fighting about. Not really. Quotable: “Most guys don’t know

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Are you a Legend?

I’ve seen the mystics play there Once or twice but I knew they had a reason Enchantment plays it’s cards all right Hand in hand with the workings of the seasons Legends can be now and forever Teaching us to love for goodness sake Legends can be now and forever Loved by the Son, loved

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Christmas is for you!

Christmas is for you! Hello my Facebook friends. Please remember as we celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. This is your day. He was born and died for you. His birth was for you to be able to walk in His Light. “I am the light of the world. If you follow me,

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Male hands crossed for prayer in dark

Why you need to do more than just pray about your problems

I saw this on the I Am Second website and its great.  Wanted to post it here for our followers…. —————————————————————   I Am Second I recently met a young man who told me he was praying for God to get him out of a really difficult situation. Praying. Praying. Praying. His life had been

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Men Who Won’t Grow Up

This week’s forage into Other People’s Writings brought up a title that grabbed my attention. Tim and I are seeing more and more of this … married men who want to live single, who shirk adult responsibilities and refuse to leave the video game world they grew up in. Quotable … We live in a

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What Makes Marriage Strong

This one is good … written by the daughter of a blogger who, from what I read, has a pretty good marriage. What Makes Marriage Strong If you’re not doing these things, it’s never too late to start. You can change your marriage any time you want to. Blessings … Cindy

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10 Second Love

Awesome idea. Let us know if it changes your perspective. The 10 Second Way to Love Your Spouse More Blessings … Cindy

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Married But Alone?

My forage into the world of Other People’s Writings led me to this gem today. If you’re feeling disconnected from your spouse, this is the thing you need to fix. Living Alone in My Marriage Blessings … Cindy

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Concrete The couple was probably in their 60s. He dropped her off in front of the store and went to park the truck. Seconds later, she was on the ground, having tripped and fallen in the clutter of merchandise that surrounded the door. I’m not sure if he spared a glance towards the confusion as

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How to Become a Trustworthy Husband

How to Become a Trustworthy Husband Many claim to have unfailing love, but a faithful person who can find? Proverbs 20:6 NIV Trust is the foundation for the emotional connection between you and your wife. As we have often discussed, safety, security and an emotional connection are the essential elements a woman needs to be

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Boundaries or Manipulation?

It’s a common question … what’s the difference? In this week’s perusal of Other People’s Blogs, I came across one of the best explanations I’ve ever heard. Boundaries vs. Manipulation Blessings … Cindy

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Happy Unniversary

Yesterday was my “unniversary.” September 22 is the date I married my now ex-husband. I didn’t even realize it. I hadn’t thought about what day it was until a friend, who was married on the same date and left her abusive husband a few years ago, posted something on Facebook. I’m unashamedly stealing the word

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It’s Time to Make a Change!

It’s time to make a change. E-counseling is a discreet, convenient, and affordable way to get help with many issues. Get help with stress, anxiety, depression, relationships, parenting, addictions, anger-management, self-esteem, and other life challenges. Connect online with a professional, licensed, and experienced counselor. Get the support, advice and guidance needed to start making a

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How’s Your Marriage?

I like reading other people’s blogs. Often I find a perspective I hadn’t considered. Often their thoughts confirm my own. At any rate, I find it helpful to get out of my head and into someone else’s at least a few times a week. Today’s find brings up a really good question … is your

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Communication Problems? Really?

I came across this blog today. The author has a great perspective … most couples who say they have “communication problems” don’t actually have problems with the mechanics of communication. They have spiritual problems. I’d add one thing he doesn’t address, though, and that’s differences in temperament. When couples know how they are wired, many

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Who Are You Worshiping?

I found this article today, and it really struck me. Do we know who Jesus really is? Are we really worshiping Him, or just someone who kind of looks like Him? Counterfeit Christ Figures Blessings … Cindy

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Sixty Seconds With God

Sixty Seconds with God Posted 13 September 2015 – 08:15 PM ( – from the God Save My Marriage Forum by M. Bracht – click link above) Sixty Seconds With God Have you ever been in deep depression for months or discouraged because of the things that are happening in your life? You are not even

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Blended Families Divorce Rate Increases

Today, some 75% of divorced people will remarry.  Unfortunately more than 60% of these new blended families will end in divorce. Divorced couples need to earnestly seek counseling before they “tie the knot” because our patterns of behavior can possibly bring us right back to the same issues that caused the first marriage to fail;

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Oh, there’s nobody out there for me.”

Here we are, all of us basically alone, separate creatures just circling each other, all searching for that slightest hint of a real connection. Some look in the wrong places. Some, they just give up hope because, in their mind, they’re thinking, “Oh, there’s nobody out there for me.” But all of us, we keep

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The F12 Button Again

I’m a sanguine surrounded by melancholies. Proof that God has a sense of humor. Life is challenging for me at times. I live on a 21 acre, off grid farm … that’s right, no tv or Facebook … with some of my adult children. All but one of them has melancholy in every area of

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Going Off the Grid

Off The Grid I was talking to a friend earlier today, and we were talking about living off the grid. I’ve heard this quite often in various forms. I should have been born 100 years ago, I hate techology, etc., etc. I was contemplating this, and as we have been discussing, the thought is actually

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Crap I hit the F12 Button!

Crap I hit the F12 Button! Often, I’m asked if we can change. I mean truly a heart change. Cindy and I speak about this often, and she has this theory. As some of you geeky people like me may know, on many computers, you hit the F12 button to get into the bios and

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Where do you live?

Where do you live? In the past few weeks, two very dear friends have asked me “how do you live in this world, but not of this world”? I’ve been thinking about this, because in my mind, I don’t live “in” this world. – Sometimes, I’m not so sure of course, but for the most

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It’s a Good Day!

It’s a Good Day God has been putting some things on my heart of late, and it is creating some turmoil. This morning, He gave me some insight, but alas, when God gives you direction, it usually will come at a price. We know, God’s design is never status quo and it always will challenge

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In the Spirit of Love…..

The Spirit of Love…. Recently God brought something to Light for me that I thought I would share. I think for most of us, love can be such a selfish thing. It’s not that we have ill intent, usually I find its just the opposite. But yet, because of “life”; love becomes all about having

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Codependent? Maybe not …

Whenever we lose a relationship, romantic or otherwise, most of us can look back and see the moment when we knew it was over. There may have been a lot of little things that led up to that moment, but they all boiled down to one incident, one point where we knew. In my marriage,

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Unholy Trinity …

I recently came across this excellent blog post on communication. In it, the author outlines what he calls the Unholy Trinity … perceptiveness, lack of self awareness, and defensiveness. When these things are present, it makes effective communication nearly impossible.  The author’s advice is to minimize contact if possible, and keep things light and low

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Some thoughts to a husband

Ski – lets chat about this a little more, because its a conceptual thing that is very important in YOUR Christian walk. Notice I said you and not your wife, etc. We men make this all about getting our wives back, getting the kids back, and so on and so on. But what we fail

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Top Five Regrets of the Dying

For many years Bonnie Ware worked in palliative care. Over the years, when Bonnie questioned her patients about any regrets they had or anything they would do differently, these common themes surfaced again and again. Here, in her own words, are the five most common regrets Bonnie heard from those in her care in their

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Beholding the Glory of God

“And we all with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another.  For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit”  (2 Corinthians 3:18)  All counseling can only be effective with the serious relational contemplation of God.  This three part

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Five Indicators of An Evil and Wicked Heart

Five Indicators of An Evil and Wicked Heart Posted on 1/12/2015 by Leslie Vernick on ChristianCounseling.com As Christian counselors, pastors and people helpers we often have a hard time discerning between an evil heart and an ordinary sinner who messes up, who isn’t perfect, and full of weakness and sin. I think one of the

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ENDING WELL December 27 Read 2 Timothy 4 Adapted from Live|Dead Joy by Dick Brogden Ending well has nothing to do with dying rich, being respected by people, or slipping peacefully from sleep to eternity. A person may die with all of the external trappings of peace, but peaceful passages into eternity have historically happened

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Christian Character

One of the best tests of a person’s Christian character is when you correct them. I compare it to liquid in a glass. When you bump someone holding a glass, whatever is in it will spill out. If the glass is filled with water, water will come out. When you “bump” a genuinely spirit filled

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The 3 Biggest Mental Battles Every Husband Faces

September 21, 2014 The 3 Biggest Mental Battles Every Husband Faces Today’s post is directly inspired by another post that has nothing – and everything – to do with being a good husband. As a matter of fact, I shamelessly ripped off the title and substituted “husband” for “blogger”. It was just too perfect. The

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Happily ever after isn’t the point of marriage.

Happily ever after isn’t the point of marriage. 08/19/14 by TYLERWARDIS An excerpt from my book, Marriage Rebranded: Modern Misconceptions & the Unnatural Art of Loving Another Person. (Read time: 5 mins)   The Michelangelo Effect. As legend tells it, the story of Michelangelo and his sculpture of David has something to say to us about

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“My God, how did I get here?”

“My God, how did I get here?” I often see Jeremiah 29:11 quoted as one of people’s favorite verses. It always makes me wonder if they continued reading on. It’s a conditional verse, as are many in the Word of God. “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD. “They are

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A Tale of Two Temperaments – Happily Ever After

Now that we’ve talked about Mike’s and Lisa’s temperaments and the challenges they face, both individually and as a couple, let’s catch up with them a few months down the road. Based on what they learned from their APS tests and counseling sessions, they’ve made some significant changes. Mike left his job in sales and

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When Opportunity Knocks

WHEN OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS August 9 Read Esther 4:1-17, James 1:5–8 Adapted from In the Gap by Wilfredo De Jesús   A crisis can confuse us or it can clear the cobwebs and help us think more clearly. Esther had a background of faith, but she lived in a pagan world. As queen of Persia, she had much

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A Tale of Two Temperaments – Couples Counseling

Now let’s look at how Mike and Lisa function as a married couple. This is a classic case of opposites attracting. Mike is melancholy in inclusion. Lisa is sanguine. Mike is supine in control. Lisa is choleric. Mike is phlegmatic in affection. Lisa is sanguine. Their needs are like oil and water – they don’t

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A Tale of Two Temperaments – Lisa

Now it”s Lisa”s turn. Lisa is sanguine in inclusion. Sanguines thrive on social interaction and become depressed when they cannot be around people. They are talkative and outgoing – the life of any party. Lisa is choleric in control. Cholerics want things done. They will jump into any situation and start issuing orders, and they

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A Tale of Two Temperaments – Mike

So let’s start talking about Mike, after a few more definitions. Inclusion is the area of social interaction and surface relationships – coworkers, acquaintances, and the people who come in and out of our life every day. It also includes emotional and intellectual energy. Control defines how much power you want to have in a

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A Tale of Two Temperaments

(Please note – this story is fictional. It’s just an example of the many ways temperament therapy can help you in your life and relationships.) Mike and Lisa came in for marriage counseling. They reported frequent fighting and found it almost impossible to communicate with each other. Lisa felt lonely in the marriage. Mike felt

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Mankind’s Need for Intimacy

Mankind’s Need for Intimacy Jack and Trisha Frost   One of our greatest weaknesses is our inability to admit need. If we do not realize we have need of something, then we will not pursue it. We will not make it a priority and a driving force in our life. Think what it is like

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Girly Girls

I’m not a girly girl. I never really have been. Even when I was a teenager, I didn’t play with makeup or my hair to the extent my friends did. While they drooled over dresses and shoes, I was looking at saddles and boots. I had a perpetual pony tail, and my favorite perfume was

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