Cindy Bodendorfer C.T.C.

Cindy Bodendorfer  C.T.C.

Cindy grew up in the Western New York State wine country and the Cleveland, Ohio regions, deciding early that her life experiences and talents should lead her into a helping profession, such as nursing.

She worked in various specialties in the nursing profession for three decades at a major medical center—the physicians she worked with frequently relied on her to provide both expertise and leadership in the management of difficult medical cases.

As a young mom, Cindy became a grateful believer in Christ, seeking a deeper God-walk as she witnessed such relationship with Him, through a good friend.

In 2008, after being exposed to biblical marriage concepts, Cindy found a new call to help others to understand their marital conflicts and needs according to the wisdom of God’s word. She provided thousands of hours of online counseling support to couples and individuals. She also led weekly nationwide conference calls for women and couples regarding bible-based marriage teachings for several years. This led her to further degree studies in Christian Counseling and her certification in Temperament Counseling.

“I have seen over and over, how many life and relationship issues are impacted by not knowing how God has wired us. When we can understand our differences and strengths, we can move past personalizing our issues and experience positive growth.”
Some of her life and career skills include: crisis management, communications, needs assessment, behavioral solutions and reality-based consequences in parenting and relationships. She has a unique gift for the practical and is able to quickly move toward the issues that are presented by her counseling clients.

Cindy’s experience as a horsewoman with a lifelong love of animals and farming, led her home-schooling family to life on a small farm, where they now pursue the production of organic produce, meat and permaculture development in their rural area of West Tennessee. Three of her five grown children, all home-school graduates, have joined the family project.

Health Care Credentials:
ADN – nursing degree, Cuyahoga Community College, 1983
RN licensure, 1983 – 2013
NICU (Neonatal ICU), 1983- 2005
CSPI (Certified Specialist in Poison Information) Toxicology and Triage nursing specialist, 2005-2011

Counseling Credentials and Training:
Certified Temperament Counselor for couples or individuals, 2015
NCCA affiliated Christian Counseling Degree Program, 2014-2015
Biblical Marital Counseling–Peer Support Counselor, 2009 – 2014