Online Counseling

It’s convenient.

No more scrambling to get to a therapist’s office. Plus, no travel time means there’s no problem fitting an appointment into your day.

We?offer appointments during the evenings and weekends, and most of our clients have an appointment within four days of requesting one.


It’s effective.

Because of the convenience and anonymity, youre more likely to stick with your treatment. In fact, 86% of clients who complete a session continue to schedule additional sessions.

Three major studies have also found that online counseling is just as effective as in-person counseling.


It gives you choice.

You’re no longer limited to trying to find someone close by or having to take time off of work. You gain access to our entire team of Temperament Therapist and Licensed Pastoral Counselors..

It’s private.

There’s no chance of running into anyone in the waiting room when you’re meeting your therapist online. You don’t even need to use your real name online!

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