Temperament Testing

Why should I consider a Temperament test?

We are fearfully and wonderfully made by God who created the Heavens and the earth, and we are very special and unique. Temperament Therapy is a counseling method based on the belief that man is a uniquely created being rather than the result of an evolutionary process. This method was developed during seven years of research involving five thousand (5,000) individuals who were seeking help for their problems.

The Arno Profile System temperament test is the key that will give you a better understanding of your uniqueness. The A.P.S. will help you understand why you do the things you do and act the way you act. The A.P.S. is an approach to counseling that deals with the inner man rather than outer manifestations or problems. It identifies the “hidden” problems and helps you successfully learn how to meet the needs of your God given temperament.Lykken_Chart_09_11_0

What are the benefits?

Together we will learn:

What causes relationship conflicts and how to resolve them. The secrets of human behavior and how God’s wonderful plan works when understood and applied. Your in-born, God given temperament rather than just your behavior. This information helps us to identify your hidden or core problems so we can work together to bring resolution to your problems and needs.

What will I learn from the evaluation?

The A.P.S. identifies three separate human interactions and identifies each one in
two different ways:

Inclusion (social orientation and intellectual energies)
– Expressed: What we say we want
– Wanted: What we really want

Control (ability to make decisions and desire to take on responsibilities)
– Expressed: What we say we want
– Wanted: What we really want

Affection (interaction in deep relationships)
– Expressed: What we say we want
– Wanted: What we really want

Why does Temperament Therapy work?

Temperament Therapy works when other counseling methods fail. Why? Because rather than spending session after session in an attempt to correct “symptoms,” we follow a step-by- step counseling procedure developed to “target” the source of the problems.
The information that the A.P.S. places in the hands of a Christian counselor is biblical, extremely important and state-of-the-art. It only takes 8 to 10 minutes for the counselee to respond to the 54 questions.

The Arno Profile System, that was developed and continues to be taught by Drs. Richard and Phyllis Arno, is highly recognized, accepted, very professional, and a tremendous asset to all Christian counselors

Like all professional quality personality inventories, the APS can only be administered by professionals trained and authorized in its use. The staff of Ephesians 5:25 Ministries are all properly certified, and pleased to be able offer the APS, and the two related instructional courses, Created In God’s Image and Creation Therapy to Christians interested in understanding more about God’s most precious creation: man.

What’s next?

Call or email our Ministry and schedule an appointment so you can find the peace, love and joy that God has promised you.