Crap I hit the F12 Button!

Crap I hit the F12 Button!

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Crap I hit the F12 Button!

Often, I’m asked if we can change. I mean truly a heart change.

Cindy and I speak about this often, and she has this theory. As some of you geeky people like me may know, on many computers, you hit the F12 button to get into the bios and reset the system back to the factory defaults. Well, we humans, similar to a computer, have factory defaults. Yea, you guessed it, those pesky temperament things.

I recently went through an experience where I hit that stupid F12 key. And like to share my reflections of that with you and my take away. I think it may speak to some of you if you accidentally hit that F12 key.

I’m a Melancholy Compulsive in inclusion, and a Sanguine Compulsive in affection. That affection part, means I need to show and receive a great deal of love. And like most of us, I’ve been doing life for the past 54 years, so there are many many times I operate out of God’s design. Most people that know me, would think I was a Mc (Melancholy compulsive) in affection. Meaning I need to show and receive zero love. As I know many of you sit with unsettled hearts, you know what things are taking you from living God’s design for your life.

  • So lets get back to the F12 key.

I don’t really understand myself, for I want to do what is right, but I don’t do it. Instead, I do what I hate. Romans 7: 15 NLT

In this recent situation I had an opportunity and a need to operate in God’s design. Meaning I needed the ability to behave like the Sanguine called God me to be. Well, dang wouldn’t you know, no matter how I planned, when the time came, I slipped back towards the melancholy. And trust me, as a therapist, I knew exactly what it was; fear. Yea, that same stuff that keeps us trapped from receiving the blessings God has awaiting for us. Remember how once the Israelites were wandering around the desert, and they thought it was better to go back and live in slavery then to face the fear of starvation, etc. in the desert. But God had specifically directed them to the Promise Land. Isn’t that exactly what God is doing for us when He asks us to step out of our comfort zone of our temperament and live according to His design.

So while I was driving to a staff meeting this morning the Spirit started to speak to me. First, I didn’t slip all the way back to a melancholy, probably somewhere in the middle. So the Spirit that has been working in me for the past six years is making progress. And now, I am more aware of the battle I face to bring myself into God’s design; how much work its going to be. Just the awareness of this is already empowering. I know I will do better and thats where this whole F12 key thing fits in. ?I refuse to miss out on God’s Blessings for my life.


In every bios, there are tweaks. Sure, there is that factory default, but also every bios lets you tinker and customize and improve from those default settings.

So next time you accidentally hit the F12 key of your life, don’t leave the moment without making some adjustments and tweaks.

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