Men Who Won’t Grow Up

Men Who Won’t Grow Up

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This week’s forage into Other People’s Writings brought up a title that grabbed my attention. Tim and I are seeing more and more of this … married men who want to live single, who shirk adult responsibilities and refuse to leave the video game world they grew up in.

Quotable … We live in a culture that celebrates youth and beauty and independence—even at the expense of growing up.  Many young men today immerse themselves in a world of media entertainment and diversions that tell them it’s okay to live a self-centered lifestyle, free of commitments to anything beyond endless and mindless pleasure.

Read the rest and let us know what you think.

Men Who Won’t Grow Up

Blessings … Cindy

Cindy grew up in rural NY and Ohio. She spent almost 30 years as an RN in a major children’s hospital before God called her to change direction and pursue a degree in Christian counseling. She is a Certified Temperament Counselor and Certified Pastoral Counselor.

Cindy home-schooled her five children, all adults now, and currently lives on a farm in West Tennessee.


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