“My God, how did I get here?”

“My God, how did I get here?”

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“My God, how did I get here?”

I often see Jeremiah 29:11 quoted as one of people’s favorite verses. It always makes me wonder if they continued reading on. It’s a conditional verse, as are many in the Word of God.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” (Jeremiah‬ ‭29‬:‭11‬ NLT)

Yes, The Lord does give us hope and a future. But it is based on the verse following verse 11. It is a call to action. When you pray, the Lord will listen; if you look “wholeheartedly”, you will find me.

One of the reasons I enjoy working with clients on their temperaments is because it is an action that brings them closer to God. It is a choice to find out who God designed them to be at their core.

That’s a pretty cool concept isn’t it. If you want to be living God’s will for your life, you have to know who you are supposed to be. We have all suffered many set backs and traumas in our life that define who we are today, not who God designed us to be.

Many of us today are struggling; losing families, jobs, health and a myriad of difficulties and then sit there saying “My God, how did I get here?”

Think of the implication of verse 14. When God tells us He will bring us to “your own land” isn’t He promising us the peace and contentment we feel when we are comfortable in who we are? God designed you for a purpose. When you live for that purpose you don’t wonder “How did I get here”, you wonder what took so long.

“In those days when you pray, I will listen. If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me. I will be found by you,” says the LORD. “I will end your captivity and restore your fortunes. I will gather you out of the nations where I sent you and will bring you home again to your own land.” (‭Jeremiah‬ ‭29‬:‭11-14‬ NLT)

In His service…

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