Naples Chronic Illness Support Group Meeting on 09/08/16

Naples Chronic Illness Support Group Meeting on 09/08/16


When you are ill with an acute illness such as bronchitis or the flu, you recognize that you will feel better and back to normal within a short period of time. A chronic illness, on the other hand, is different.

When you are the one going through the pain, you may be counting time according to hours and not weeks or months. Three months can feel like a lifetime when everything in life starts to topple.

I have found that it does not matter so much what specific illness one has, his or her experience will still be unique from other people who have that same illness. On the other hand, people will find that they have a great deal in common with others who live with any illness. The emotions and spiritual struggles overlap beyond any diagnosis.

As a Christian therapist that was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I have found a unique set of life challenges that few seem to understand. My goal in this group will be to meet once a week and share and discuss:

Denial and Isolation



The process of discovering you have a chronic illness is very similar to the five stages of grief.

The big difference however, is that you will constantly cycle through all these emotions for the rest of your life. And for most of your journey, people cannot and never will understand the ongoing daily struggle you deal with.

Why would God allow you or your loved one to get sick?
Why would God allow me to suffer?
How can this be a part of His plan?
Should I trust in divine healing or seek a doctor?
What should you do if you or your loved one is not healed?
What about the Scriptures that seem to teach that everyone should be healed?
Why does God delay or say no to answering my prayer?
How do I live for the glory of God and advance His Kingdom in this storm?

Each of the issues are very difficult to understand and even harder to live through in your own life or with a loved one who is suffering. But, remember God has promised to Never leave you nor forsake you (Heb. 13:5). God has also promised to give you wisdom if you will ask for it (James 1:5). As you receive Gods wisdom in the midst of this trial the Lord will sustain you with His peace. Therefore, we will call out to Him for His peace and presence to come fill you and let your heart be strengthened!

Chronic Illness Support Group??Chronic Illness Support Group

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