The Wounds of Rejection:

The Wounds of Rejection:

Rejection will result from the denial of Love.

1. Being refused / denied what is needed Denial of purpose.
2. Being turned away
3. Being shunner
4. Ignored
5. Neglected
6. Avoided
7. Disapproved
8. Shamed
9. Given the “cold shoulder”

Rejection is a wound to “self”

Once the rejection takes root, we add the companion roots of:

1. Fear of rejection
2. Self rejection

Reason for Rejection

1. Pre-birth rejection: Unwanted conception

a. Too soon after marriage
b. Too soon after last child
c. Fear
d. Financial stress
e. Conflict in Marriage
f. Already have all the children they want
g. Contemplated or attempted abortion

2. Wrong sex child
3. Physical or developmental disabilities
4. Victim of Circumstances
5. Victim of abuse

a. Verbal
b. Emotional
c. Sexual
d. Physical
e. Spiritual

6. Peer rejection
7. Marriage rejection
8. Church related rejection

Reactions to rejection

1. Unforgiveness (not receiving love)
2. Rebellion
3. Resentment / bitterness
4. Self-pity
5. Escapism
6. Guilt
7. Insecurity fears
8. Hopelessness
9. Defensiveness
10. Distrust
11. Disrespect
12. Hardness of Heart

Readjustment to Rejection

Our response to protect ourselves from rejection

1. Perfectionism
2. False compassion
3. False responsibility
4. Material lust
5. Sexual lust
6. Self promotion
7. Suppresion (exclusion for consciousness)
8. Attention getting behavior
9. Control over others

Repercussions of Rejection

Within oneself:
1. Imprisoned in self
2. Loss of identity
3. Entrapment “no escape”
4. Withdrawal
5. Cessation of love
6. Abandonment of Faith
7. Self deception
8. Infirmities of mind, body and spirit

From others:
1. More rejection
2. Attracts wrong helpers, friends and partners
3. Evokes wrong treatment

Remedy for Rejection

1. Be teachable
2. Forgive
3. Repent
4. Be reconciled
5. Stabilize in God’s Love
6. Understand who you are in Christ
7. Be filled with the Holy Spirit
8. Receive God’s comfort and peace

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