Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling

Today, the Christian divorce rate is higher then the secular divorce rate. Why would this be?

At Ephesians 525 Ministries, we use the Word of God to establish the foundation on which a marriage covenant should be built.


In the Book of Ezra, God gives us a glimpse as to the importance of a foundation. Later, we see the Cornerstone of all is our Savior Jesus Christ. The foundation of a healthy marriage is laid with the foundation of Christ. Together we explore the roles the husband and wife play in a healthy marriage.

When a couple lives under a biblical covenant of marriage, not a cultural marriage, God’s design will bring them the peace, love and joy He has promised. Together, we will explore the temperaments of the couple to help us understand where the needs of both parties are falling short and not being met.

We help couples learn God’s ways for resolving relationship problems, therefore eliminating the need for divorce. Our main goal is to teach Gods principles to couples. As they incorporate them into their own lives, they will become living examples, bringing hope to other married couples through their testimony.