Should I Mow the Lawn ?

Should I Mow the Lawn ?

Several years ago I was counseling a group of men on one of our group counseling calls, and we got into a discussion of God’s will. The thought process was an extremely popular discussion on free will and destiny.

And while the post may be geared towards those suffering with a chronic illness, it applies to everyone going through any challenge in their life, at any stage of their spiritual growth.

The example I used on the phone was this:

You are sitting in your yard, there is a lawnmower in the yard, and the grass is growing. We certainly know, that a God that can create the stars and the moon, can certainly cut, and create a lawn to whatever height He deems appropriate. Yet, there is that lawnmower. Hmmm – does God expect you to get up and cut the lawn?

Well yes…. but…

Therefore, you Israelites, I will judge each of you according to your own ways, declares the Sovereign LORD. – Ezekiel 18:30

God knows where you are at both spiritually, physically and mentally. The three entities that comprise our earthly well being. This became much more evident to me as I go through the changes caused by my own chronic illness. I love cutting my lawn, I love the smell of fresh cut grass – it invigorates me. I have always found since I was a kid that time spent in the garden or on yard work was time I could spend with God. But no matter the passion, odds of me being able to cut that lawn today are pretty much shot.

So if I let that lawnmower sit and the grass starts to grow to tall, God is going to send someone, a neighbor or a friend to help. I may have to deal with some ego issues and ask for help, not my forte with my temperament but something I am learning to overcome.

In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps. Proverbs 16:9

The important thing to remember is that God knows exactly where you are at in your spiritual maturity, your physical abilities and your emotional well being. He knows exactly what you are capable of, and judges accordingly. He will always give you opportunities to challenge yourself and grow to the next level and yet His Love will always provide a place of respite.

Humans will always judge you according to “their” standards – God doesn’t.

So for the moment, I’ve packed up my lawnmower and put it in storage. Perhaps one day I’ll be able to take it out again and mow the lawn; perhaps not.

Like Paul – I am learning to be content in all circumstances. How about you ?

In His service


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