Sixty Seconds With God

Sixty Seconds With God

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Sixty Seconds with God

Posted 13 September 2015 – 08:15 PM ( – from the God Save My Marriage Forum by M. Bracht – click link above)

Sixty Seconds With God

Have you ever been in deep depression for months or discouraged because of the things that are happening in your life? You are not even sure if God is still listening to your prayers? Is the enemy constantly playing mind games with you? Does he bring up all your past failures? You think of all the shoulda, woulda, coulda’s that IF you had made different decisions how life might be different now. All these negative thoughts soon become overwhelming and you sink further into depression.

If that is true for you now or you have been there before, then stop and listen for a moment. I have been reading a book called One Minute With God by Dr. Keith Ellis. In it he talks about being in a dry place and you really need that 60 seconds with God to change things. I would like to share some of the things that he talks about so that no one ever has to go through that dry place again.

First, God waits on us to invite him into our storm/situation. Your invitation thru prayer is often a setup for the miraculous. The KEY to seeing Him work is being willing to call out to Him for help. Most of us don’t ask God, they just assume when we talk to Him about our issues that we want Him to help. But God is a gentleman. He will never push Himself on you. He is waiting anxiously for you to ask.

KEY #2 is spending consistent time with Him in prayer and reading His Word. Words are powerful and contain life. If you have been dealing with long-lasting problems, continuous difficulties, chronic pain and sickness, torment, or experiencing any form of depression from the enemy, God wants to help.

How do you get Him to respond? #1 Ask for Help. #2 spend time with Him. Don’t just spend 5 minutes and leave and think that will do the trick. No. You don’t do that to your family. Or I hope you don’t. Each member of your family (mothers, dads, children, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and the list goes on) wants you to spend TIME with them. When you do this they know they are loved. Oh, you think not! You think that THINGS can replace you spending time with them? Well think again. No one wants THINGS, they want to know they are really loved. At the end of the day, do you remember the THINGS people bought you or do you remember the good times you spent with each other? Well, your Father is the same way. He wants you to spend time with Him. It doesn’t mean that you have to quit your job and spend all day with Him, but what it does mean is that you spend quality time with Him and do it consistently. Get my drift?

Next, when you pray, pray with expectation and with a revelation of who He really is. He is God Almighty! There is nothing too difficult for Him. He breathes life into your situation and changes it instantly. He speaks to those things that are not as though they were. He knows the number of hairs on your head. Nothing surprises Him. He loves you unconditionally.

Key #4 – repent. We all know sin blocks the flow of the Holy Spirit from moving thru our spirit, releasing the health and life of God. If you feel like God is a long way off in heaven somewhere and you can’t reach him, then something is blocking that because He is right there by you. In fact, the Holy Spirit is inside of you. The Word says that He is closer to you than a brother. No one can take you out of His hand. So what is the hold up? You. Well, how do I do that? For starters how about repenting of your cold cold heart? If you repent, He is faithful to forgive us and life will begin to flow through YOU fresh, once again. Remember the story of the prodigal son that when he was on his way back home, his father was watching and came running toward him and he fell into his father’s arms. God has no throwaways. He wants all of us to fellowship with Him always. Nothing should ever separate you and your Father. Father will always restore and we can now go boldly into the Father’s presence because of what Jesus had done for us at the cross.

Now that the basics are out of the way, we can focus more on who our God is and the knowledge that He made us in His image. Once you get the revelation that God’s Holy Spirit lives INSIDE of you and that you are spirit and God is Spirit and just how close you really are to Him. Life begins to change. He is no longer in heaven. He is there with you all the time.

When we are in the Father’s family room, we can talk to Him just as if He were sitting next to you. Now God’s Spirit begins to share things with your spirit. You begin seeing situations from His perspective, then hope returns and faith arises. Our vision is restored in the spiritual realm. We all want God to move for us in the miraculous. We need to expect them and believe for them. We need to TALK about them.

Key #5 – exercising your faith. Faith is a vital part of your journey. When we have confidence in God, we have faith in God.

Perhaps you asked God to do something and He didn’t do it like you wanted Him to or perhaps it didn’t happen at all. This created insecurity in you. Don’t put God in a box. Simply trust God to do it His way! God knows everything and He has not turned a deaf ear or a blind eye toward you.

A lot of people beg God instead of believing Him. Don’t let that be you. God tells us in His word that He is working behind the scenes for our good. Believe Him. Trust that He is powerfully working in the unseen. Be thankful that He is working on our behalf. Pay careful attention to what comes out of your mouth because what we speak flows from the abundance of our hearts. Life and death are in the power of the tongue. Keep your thoughts and your speech positive.

God used His words to create the universe. Our words are that powerful. We are made in the image of Almighty God. That same Spirit is inside you and me. God spoke to things that were not seen and because of His words, they came into existence. God uses the words of your mouth to get His job done! What is coming out of your mouth?

To be continued . . . .

Timothy Paul

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