The Lost Glory….

The Lost Glory….

What would it be like if we had a vision for each other, if we could see the lost glory in ourselves, our family, our friends? What would the effect on your sons or daughters be if they realized if you were caught up with the possibilities of restored glory, of what they would become – not successful, talented, good looking, or rich but kind, strong, self assured, fully alive.

When people connect with each other on the basis of a vision for who they are and what they could become; when we see in others what little of Jesus has already begun to form beneath the insecurity, fear and pride; when we long beyond anything else to see that little bit of Jesus develop and mature; then something is released within us that has the power to form more of Jesus within them. That power is the life of Christ, carried into another soul across the bridge of our vision for them, a life that touches the life of another with a nourishing power. Vision for others both bridges the distance between two souls and triggers the release of the power within us.

From ” Connecting” by Larry Cobb

Timothy Paul

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