Where do you live?

Where do you live?

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Where do you live?

In the past few weeks, two very dear friends have asked me “how do you live in this world, but not of this world”?

I’ve been thinking about this, because in my mind, I don’t live “in” this world. – Sometimes, I’m not so sure of course, but for the most part, I tend to think I live somewhere on a plain between here and heaven.

I think the first thing that helps me, is knowing I’m just a tourist on this big planet. Just passing through on my way to heaven. I know one day, through Faith, I’ll be in heaven, there is no doubt in my mind about that. – Is there any in yours? If there is, its time to get right with God. While we all know there is a rapture ahead, none of knows when, that is reserved for God alone. So in the mean time, are you living in a Godly way, an amplifier of the Light of Christ in your day to day actions? If there is any moment, where the question of where you may go upon your passing, becomes a question, there is work to do.

Second, and this is actually more difficult, how often do you defy the cultural norms, to do what is right. If you think about it, this really is the essence of living of the world. Our world has created so many culturally acceptable norms, that in your heart, you know are not right. How often will you cross something our society says is acceptable and stand up for something you know in your heart is true? I’ve seen Pastorial leaders justify adultery, or ignore adultery. I recently had a young Pastor, when I asked him about a couple where the husband committed adultery say “ the wife drove him to it”. Really?

Your elected officials will tell you abortion is acceptable, or marriage can be between same sex couples. Do you ever stand up and verbally or through your actions defend the tenants of the Bible?

And you know what, sometimes, its really not a “big” issue in the news. Sometimes, its something as simple as the way you might behave around other people. I was in a band back in my former life. After practice the guys would hang out and drink a few beers and bs for a while. It was interesting how many negative comments the guys would make about their wives and girl friends. I never said anything negative about my (now ex) wife but I never said anything good either. I never pointed out how detrimental and disrespectful the conversations were. Thankfully, through His salvation, that is not the case anymore, but it was at the time.

Silence, is acceptance of a bad behavior and your actions are a reflection of how the Spirit is working in you.

So as you wind down the day, think about it…. where do you live?

In His service….TimothyPaul

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